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Minky rag quilt (Easy)

My friend Christen finally decided to have a baby girl, which meant that I could finally make a quilt for a girl! I decided to try out a minky rag quilt since it looked so cuddly and warm. It looked easy enough. All you have to do is make squares with batting and backing. Sew an "x" into all squares (wrong sides together). Sew all squares together (wrong sides again so that the seam is on the OUTSIDE). Then cut the seams. Boom! Easy right! 

 I started off by buying a pack of 11 fat quarters. I cut 6 1/2 inch squares out of my fabric and my minky. OK I would tell you the exact amount of minky I bought, but I cant recall. Here is what happened. I put one fat quarter in my purse to that I could match it to other fabric. I then proceeded to make the quilt, all while this fabric was out of site out and out of mind. Once I had all my squares cut, I "found" this missing fat quarter and about screamed! I could have omitted it completely but it was so cute... I just had to go buy more minky. Don't do what I did, don't stash fabric in your purse and forget about it! The finished quilt is about 45 1/2x45 1/2 inches (this does not include the solid strip), I would buy about 1 1/4 yards of your minky. For your batting you can get away with 1 yard (which should be plenty) because when you cut your batting, you need to cut it smaller than your minky and cotton. You don't want batting coming through your ragged edges. I cut my batting out at 5 3/4 inches. It was small enough that I knew I wouldn't cut into it. I was also doing 1/2 inch seams since minky is kind of a pain to sew, and I wanted a nice ragged edge. you want to sew all your blocks with an X through them. If you chain sew your pieces it goes really really quickly. I also used a basting spray to hold them together which was wonderful (no pinning). I ended  up with 49 blocks that were 6 inches once they were all sewn together.

OPTIONAL~ I then decided to add a strip of solid pink so that I could applique on the baby name and some flowers. I bought a half yard and adjusted to fit at the height/width I wanted. Which ended up being 15 inches for the width and about 39 for the length. (PLEASE NOTE, the batting and minky measurements do NOT include the solid strip, since you can add it optionally or make it any size, I left out the measurements)

I added a strip to the back and I decided to show off the cute fabrics even more. I got my solid pieces that I had left over and made a strip the same size as my solid pink. I also had this cute little label left over from another fabric line. 
I had seen a lot of quilts with the solid strip and a place for a name. Naturally, I had to copy that look. I printed out letters from WORD in the size I wanted. I chose a font that wasn't too wavy or difficult since I had to cut it out in fabric and stitch around it. I also cut out some raw edge flowers that I stacked together, and sewed a button in the middle of. 

After it was all put together it was time to cut! There are scissors you can buy that spring open after you cut (less work and less stress on your hands) but I just used my small sewing scissors. I watched a movie (or 2) and cut out all my edges. I didn't measure it. I eye-balled it. My cuts were about 1/2 inch apart. Make sure you don't cut through your seams!!! I accidentally did, but luckily it was on the edge of the quilt so that I could easily resew my seam. You need to be careful! When you're done cutting, throw it in the washer a couple times. You want the fabric to get some texture to it. Plus you will get a lot of lose thread and fabric that you don't want coming out when the person you're giving this to washes it!

Cute minky quilt! You can make this into any size if you add more or less squares. I have a tendency to make HUGE baby quilts, but this could be done smaller and it would be even more quick and easy.

Rag Quilts are so cute and easy! If you make your own I'd love to see it! Post any pictures and show off your sewing skills!

Cheers to quilting!

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  1. This really is adorable. I've made some rag quilts but have never thought of using minky or usings a strip on the front for their name. Love it! I will have to try for my next one. :) Thanks for sharing! I pinned!
    Gina @ Gina's Craft Corner

    1. Thank you! Rag quilts are so much fun to make!

  2. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I made one of these but for some reason I can't post the pic in the comments. I'm much better at crafting than computers. :)

  3. On the front squares- is the fabric flannel?

    1. Hi, actually all the fabric on the front is 100% cotton. Usually, this type of pattern calls for flannel, but obviously, you don't have to. The back is minky.
      Thanks for your question, Lorayme

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  5. All the squares you stitch an x into it. Do you do any stitches for the strip?

  6. Just a don't have to sew X's on your blocks if you use flannel in between your sandwiches. It wont crawl.