Christmas Quilt

It's not Christmas yet, but I've been singing Christmas songs since June! It usually happens when I'm sewing too.... This is was my first Christmas project. I bought the fabric and pattern after last Christmas. I love the non-traditional Christmas colors. Pinks, light blues, light green... I didn't know how to embroidery so this was me just faking it. I'm sure a professional could have done a much better job. The embroidery took the longest!! This would be really cute as a bigger quilt instead of just the throw. I changed mine a little from the pattern. I only embroidered my 4 favorite squares and then placed them in the middle. Although I might use the other embroidery templates for Christmas pillows, stockings, place mats, table runners, etc. The possibilities are endless!! 
Oh and look how cute my quilted snowflakes are!!! Is it Christmas yet?!??!

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