The Little Mermaids (DIY Halloween Costumes)

 Cuteness overload. Seriously. We've got not one, but two little mermaids here. I can't even stand it. This costume wasn't too difficult to make. The fabric was bought from Joanns (using coupons, YEAH for coupons). The yarn was on hand (notice the two shades of red). The onesie was sort of a splurge (hard to find specific colors sometimes), but I only spent $25 per costume and they're way
 super cute!!!!

MATERIALS for 2 costumes sized at 12 months:
1 yard mermaid fabric
2 yards tulle
1/3 yard stretch fabric
1/2" elastic for waist measurement
Onesie (I found the nude color on Amazon)

Easy Diagonal Baby Quilt

 I am not use to quilts taking me forever to complete, but when you're pregnant with twins... It's hard to get much done. I was busy sleeping, eating, & growing babies. But I knew that I wanted to make my sweet littles a baby quilt (or two, or three), I already had lots of cute girly fabrics, so that was easy, choosing a pattern was the hard part! I decided to try a quilt-as-you-go. I had done it with a table runner before, but never an actual quilt. These instructions can be used either way, but I am writing them for a quilt-as-you-go.