Chinese New Year cupcakes

Happy Chinese New Year! 
This year is the year of the sheep. I made some fun cupcakes for a Chinese New Year party I'm attending. I think they turned out pretty adorable! 
These are fruit cake cupcakes. White cake (sometimes angle food cake, but I use my go-to vanilla cake recipe). Topped with a heavy whipping cream frosting. Which is just heavy whipping cream whipped until it thickens, and powdered sugar to your preferred sweetness.
I wrote sheep (or goat) in Chinese with melted chocolate, froze it, then used it as a cupcake topper along with mandarin oranges and strawberries
 The sheep's face is fondant, and the body is marshmallows. Super easy, and super cute! 
 Happy New Year! 



Cupcake Valentine Box

The perfect Valentine mailbox for your sweet tooth!
My 8 year old picked this design for her class Valentine mailbox, it was super quick to make & turned out scrumptiously cute!


Scrappy Bag

I am all about using up fabric scraps and WOW do I have a lot of scraps!!!!! So here is another wonderful project that helped create more room in each of my orange, yellow and pink scrap containers.....now I can justify buying more fat quarters!