Kitchen Table & Bench

 I recently reupholstered my dining room chairs DINING ROOM. I loved the look, and the fabric, but then I fell in love with a different fabric and ended up redoing my recently redone chairs UPHOLSTERY REDO

My new dilemma was that I had all this green upholstery fabric, luckily I had another set of chairs! 
I had reupholstered my kitchen chairs once before, but I didn't scotch guard them, and I picked out a really light fabric. Needless to say, they were dirty, and in desperate need of a makeover. 

Before and after, or to be correct, after and before. 

To find detailed instructions for reupholstering please visit my dining room table posts

The finished table


DIY Upholstered Kitchen Bench

I decided that I needed a bench for my kitchen table. 
I found one on pottery barn that I absolutely LOVED, but it was expensive and I am cheap (I need my money for fabric). 
The next best thing, make it myself!!! I started with a bench from Ikea that I had been using in my living room, but no longer had a need for it there. I think I paid $89 originally for this bench. I know there are a lot of tutorials floating around out there, and mine isn't all that different, basically I added decorative nail heads for some flair. 
But perhaps you'll find my instructions more enlightening or easier to follow! 

I bought MDF board from Home Depot and had them cut it to the size of my bench. 
That was simple. They had no problem cutting it for me. 
Then I went to Joann's to get foam. They don't mind cutting the length, but they sure didn't want to cut the width! And since I didn't have a turkey carver at home, it would have been difficult to cut the foam. They told me that I could use a serrated knife just as easily. Don't fall for that! Make them cut it! They cut mine after I asked for the manager (I was spending a lot of money there!). Be sure to also have a 40% or 50% off coupon, the foam is EXPENSIVE! this piece was $30, with a coupon. 


An upholstery re-redo

 I recently painted and re-upholstered my dining room chairs. See this post here (DINING ROOM TABLE). I decided that I wanted to re-upholster my kitchen chairs too, so I headed to Joann's to check out the fabric. While there I saw this beautiful fabric from Waverly, and I fell in love. I vacillated for quite some time on whether or not I should purchase MORE upholstery fabric. I had, after all, just bought and started my green chairs. In the end I went with the Waverly. 
Here I am holding up the original cushion (not my green upholstery) with all my fun tools (staple gun air compressor!). 
Before & After 


Dining Room

Whew, this has been a LONG time in the making! I had an old dining table and chair set that I decided to refinish rather than buy a new one. I figured that I could do it all in a few days.... Now it's almost been a month!!! Let's start out this long story with the before photo of my lovely chairs. 


Glamping Party

Glamping party! 
I am NOT a party planner, I like making cakes and food, and that's about it. But I decided it was time for me to learn how to throw a cute party. It was lots of work, but it looked great, and the best part is, I only spent $100 for the decorations, invitations, and food!