Kitchen Table & Bench

 I recently reupholstered my dining room chairs DINING ROOM. I loved the look, and the fabric, but then I fell in love with a different fabric and ended up redoing my recently redone chairs UPHOLSTERY REDO

My new dilemma was that I had all this green upholstery fabric, luckily I had another set of chairs! 
I had reupholstered my kitchen chairs once before, but I didn't scotch guard them, and I picked out a really light fabric. Needless to say, they were dirty, and in desperate need of a makeover. 

Before and after, or to be correct, after and before. 

To find detailed instructions for reupholstering please visit my dining room table posts

The finished table

I think the green looks great with the dark wood of the kitchen table
Blues and greens are my colors. I love adding color to neutral areas. The kitchen is painted a light tan, the floors are off-white, and the marble on the counters is tan, and dark brown. Tans and browns are not my colors AT ALL. I would never choose them myself. The table is dark, the cupboards are dark,  so being able to add bright, happy colors makes a world of difference to me. 

This kitchen table had four chairs and then I made a bench DIY BENCH. I managed to do more upholstering the last couple weeks, than I ever thought I would do in a lifetime. I think I am finally done (unless my mom and I decide to tackle her armchair...).

If you want to tackle an upholstery project, start with chairs! They're by far the easiest, and it makes SUCH A DIFFERENCE!! I didn't even have to paint this table (that may come later) for it to look like an entire new piece of furniture!

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