Lovely Triangle Quilt

One of my best friends just had her baby on April 7th. She went with a woodland themed nursery, using soft blues, pinks, tans, & grays. She loved the look of my triangle quilt so I made her a special girly woolen version. It turned out SO cute! I am in love! 
If you missed my tutorial for perfect triangle points, check it out here


Irish Chain Baby Quilt


I LOVE making baby quilts. It's a great time to try out new patterns or color combinations. I've had my eye on Irish chain quilts for some time now, I love all the different variations out there and was excited to try one out when a good friend announced she was expecting a little girl. 

I don't get to do a lot of quilting these days, due to these two, but that's OK. One day they'll be grown & I'll  have all the time in the world to sit & sew! 
Until then I am LOVING being a twin mom. It is so special & so much fun.. Lots & lots of work, but they're so worth it.
(See more for more of my quilt & some quilting tips)



Never been one to post lots of family pictures....but I just couldn't resist. This represents most of my posterity, (missing three beautiful children who currently reside in the eastern most part of the U.S.). My life has had some wonderful highs and difficult lows....but I would do it all again to have these amazing children as part of my family. They are bright, kind, compassionate, funny and adorable. So grateful for the ties that bind...grateful that my family is forever!