Stained Glass Christmas Quilt

It was love at first sight (yes, I am into romance and fabric). I am a hopeless romantic when it comes to Christmas fabric. Who can resist the reindeer, trees, and snowflakes? I for one, can not. I love Christmas fabric more than all (well Christmas and Halloween, and all cute fabrics!). When I found this moda 25th & pine, I knew I had found the love of my fabric life!!! Now I just had to come up with the perfect pattern for my new loves! 


Front Door (I only painted it three times!)

One day I decided to paint my door, I am not very good at documenting my crazy sporadic behavior, so I did not take a before picture. The original door was plain boring (boring to me!) dark brown. Brown is NOT my color. Not at all. I don't do tan, brown, beige (Ironically the outside of my house is tan, and the inside is all beige, I'm working on that!). I am more a gray, green, and blue girl. I need my house to match my personality. Therefore, I went out and painted my door navy, 


How to- Paint Perfect Stripes

I started painting my home last month.... It began with one room, then another, then another... three rooms in one month may not sound like a lot, but things got really crazy and I started striping!!