Front Door (I only painted it three times!)

One day I decided to paint my door, I am not very good at documenting my crazy sporadic behavior, so I did not take a before picture. The original door was plain boring (boring to me!) dark brown. Brown is NOT my color. Not at all. I don't do tan, brown, beige (Ironically the outside of my house is tan, and the inside is all beige, I'm working on that!). I am more a gray, green, and blue girl. I need my house to match my personality. Therefore, I went out and painted my door navy, 

Which I really liked, EXCEPT for the fact that it didn't POP enough for me. I wanted something that screamed "look at me! I'm a door! Welcome!" and the navy just sort of blended in perfectly (which is great if that's what you're going for!) 

I wanted to be bolder, so I got a bunch of paint samples, and stuck them to my door. I kept them up for a few days, trying to decide which color was going to pop and work the best. 
I wanted something on the brighter side since my front porch is always shadowed
Naturally I went for the brightest one, because that's how I roll 
Valspar, simply aqua
I LOVE this color, but it was a little (a lotta) too much for me. Every time I saw it, it punched me in my face with it's brightness. It felt very coastal and beachy. I only live 45 minutes away from the beach, but my house is not beach style so it wasn't working for me. I thought I would give it a few days to grow on me, but I ended up painting it two days later!!  
This time I went with behr calypso blue. It still popped enough for me, but wasn't overwhelming me like the simply aqua. 
It's bold enough to stand out, but calm enough to not punch you in the face with it's brightness! 

In an effort to up my curb appeal, I also decided to take down the railing all around my porch. My husband thought it was a bad idea and a hazard, but the railing was closing the porch off and making it feel small an uninviting
Um, holy moly! Look at that difference!!!!!!!!!! It looks a MILLION times better! The porch looks HUGE and welcoming, and that door is SO bright!!! 

Next, my mother's day gift was for my husband to make some planter boxes (that's all I wanted!!)

They turned out beautifully, I'm semi-obsessed with them
I hope my flowers live (since it's so shady) 

Now I just need to find a new mat (that's such a small baby mat), a wreath, and get some more flowers on the porch and it'll be PERFECT! 
Did I mention that I love my flower boxes! 
Hopefully I will be done painting my door now.. Whenever I get on pinterest and see all the colors and ideas, I start thinking I need to try every one! I wish it was easy enough so I could paint my door for every season.. Someone needs to figure out how to make a door that changes color when you tell it to! 
My advice for anyone painting their door, is to buy paint samples, don't just go for it like me! Unless you like all your neighbors to think you're a crazy lady who loves painting her door! 


  1. Like you I find it hard to make paint decisions. They sell those little "tester" jars but I always hated putting the paint on the wall - it is so hard to cover up this big splotch of color. Then I bought some oaktag at the craft store. one of those little jars will cover 2 or 3 pieces of oaktag. Then just tape it up! Even if you have to buy a quart of paint - once you decided the color is "not you" you can use the rest somewhere else for a craft project.

  2. Great color scheme! Blues are my favorite color of all time. My house is painted egg shell blue and I must say it is the best color choice ever. Also because we live by the beach, it adds to the flare. My wife is not so cool with it but she said she can live with it, thanks.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock