Coral Baby Quilt

This has been some week for me! I took my machine in to have it cleaned and checked.... I thought I'd be back in business after a couple days... 


Sunny Circles (baby quilt)

Is it just me, or is winter taking its own sweet time to run its weary course? This happy little number has given me a much-needed lift. Still practicing my applique and decided circles would be fun to try. I love the pink and orange together. Most of this fabric is from Joann's. I went in to get batting and saw this fabric and decided what the heck. The squares are 6 1/2 x 6 1/2" with the circles traced from a bowl (they are about 4 3/4"). There are a total of 18 circles; 3 of each color. It took about 3/4 yards of the flower and white fabrics and I bought 1/4 yard of the others. Yes, there are left overs so this quilt, at some point, will have a sibling.


Valentine Photo Shoot

I love these kiddos! Even though it's so much work to try and have a photo shoot with some of them! 
 I love having all these models in my family! 


Custom Baby Dress

This was my first attempt at baby clothes. I even used a pattern (strange for me!). My mom has lots of $1 patterns from joanns, the ones for baby clothes, and aprons are definitely the cutest! 
The fabric is from Riley Blake, and I of course I had to make it my own by adding rick rack and a pop of color. We will have custom baby dresses available on our etsy page soon (please check back)! If you'd like to order this dress style, using any fabric of your choice, please email us. 


Lovey Dovey Valentine Wall Hanging

How to make a Valentines Day wall hanging.

Step 1- Draw a very bad picture of your soon to be quilt
Step 2- Make that bad drawing a reality through fabric (see my technical drawing!)
Step 3- Contemplate your quilt design, and then go for it! 
Step 4- Mess up all your measurements and unpick several times. Cut fabric incorrectly and try to not to cry because you just broke a quilting commandment (thou shalt not waste fabric!). Sit and unpick scraps of material that you need to sew together because you refuse to buy fabric just for the back. Break your walking foot right when you start to feel excited about quilting again. Then eat a lot of chocolate chips and wonder why you even have a sewing machine.  
Step 5- Order a new walking foot, and FINALLY finish your quilt! 

Step 6- Admit you're a drama queen, because this was actually very simple and easy! I just like to make things harder than they need to be. 

*Try to avoid step 4 if possible, except you should always eat chocolate chips while quilting... I'm pretty sure that is another quilting commandment

-Most of the fabric I used for this quilt came from two of my favorite designers-

Riley Blake, Lovey Dovey
Moda, Surrounded by love 

I would love to make this pattern available, but I don't want to take the time to write it out if no one is going to use it! Leave me a comment if you're interested and I'll add it to the post. It's very basic and simple. 


Like what you see? 


Animal Arboretum (Easy Baby Quilt)

This is the Easy Baby Quilt, but tweeked a little to use colors I had on hand.
 (Pattern and fabric amounts included)

Seriously, I spent most of Saturday sewing. This delightful fabric is from the Riley Blake (Life in the Jungle) collection and the baby quilt is the same pattern used by Ray, Lo and me to make the "Easy Baby Quilt", with a few differences in measurements. The animal print was a remnant that I found at Pine Needles (one of my favorite quilt shops) and the other five pieces were fat quarters. Finished quilt measurements are about 42 x 46".
MATERIALS: 1/4 yard of 5 prints
1 yard white
1/2 yard for binding
1 1/2 yard for back (which is pieced as the flannel wasn't quite wide enough)
DIRECTIONS: I cut the five horizontal fabrics 6 1/2" by the whole width and four strips of white 2 1/2" by the width. I sewed one color strip with a white. Then I cut them to the sizes.  Which was 6 1/2 by 24 1/2", then 6 1/2 by 6 1/2". This saves some times.
*******Make sure to press fabric and use spray starch before cutting!
*******Make sure seam allowance is 1/4"
I used my walking foot to quilt and did four inch vertical lines, then I quilted horizontally in between prints and white lines. I wish I had stitched them closer together, but live and learn.


Marvelous Mushrooms (baby quilt)

A couple of months ago I found this mushroom fabric at a little shop called "My Sister's Quilts". It is called "Happy Mushrooms" by Timeless Treasures. I had to purchase and add it to my stash. Since I've decided to learn hand applique I thought these mushrooms would be an easy simple project to practice with. So here is the finished product (well not all the way done, still needs to be quilted but I'm out of backing fabric). The mushroom squares are 6 1/2 x 6 1/2" with a 2 1/2" strip sewn around them. The rest of the quilt is just strips cut at varying widths and a 2 1/2" border. It measures about 44 x 46.