Lovey Dovey Valentine Wall Hanging

How to make a Valentines Day wall hanging.

Step 1- Draw a very bad picture of your soon to be quilt
Step 2- Make that bad drawing a reality through fabric (see my technical drawing!)
Step 3- Contemplate your quilt design, and then go for it! 
Step 4- Mess up all your measurements and unpick several times. Cut fabric incorrectly and try to not to cry because you just broke a quilting commandment (thou shalt not waste fabric!). Sit and unpick scraps of material that you need to sew together because you refuse to buy fabric just for the back. Break your walking foot right when you start to feel excited about quilting again. Then eat a lot of chocolate chips and wonder why you even have a sewing machine.  
Step 5- Order a new walking foot, and FINALLY finish your quilt! 

Step 6- Admit you're a drama queen, because this was actually very simple and easy! I just like to make things harder than they need to be. 

*Try to avoid step 4 if possible, except you should always eat chocolate chips while quilting... I'm pretty sure that is another quilting commandment

-Most of the fabric I used for this quilt came from two of my favorite designers-

Riley Blake, Lovey Dovey
Moda, Surrounded by love 

I would love to make this pattern available, but I don't want to take the time to write it out if no one is going to use it! Leave me a comment if you're interested and I'll add it to the post. It's very basic and simple. 


Like what you see? 

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