About Us

Hi I'm Lo, I'm the proud mamma of a rambunctious two year old. Along with being a full time mom, I'm a full time student, which leaves little time for being crafty. I love to dance, paint, draw, bake, and plan low budgets events. My sister keeps threatening to kick me off this blog because I never contribute, but she loves me too much! Plus my adorable son is the subject for most of her photo shoots, so she's still getting something from me! Hopefully I will be able to show off some of my fun projects soon!

Hi I'm Ray, I love being a mom! I also love cooking, crafting, & creating. I started sewing about a year & a half ago, & I've been "sew" addicted ever since. I've kind of let my other hobbies go to the wayside, but they still make an appearance every now & then. I love to pin on pinterest & find pinspiration (not to be confused with perspiration). I truly love to see  finished quilts (send me pics!). If I could make a career out of admiring quilts all day, I sure would! In my perfect world I would be on a beautiful beach while sewing & cooking all day. I've yet to conquer my sewing-while-on-the-beach dream (no where to plug my machine in).
Thanks for stopping by!

Hi it's Me (Judy), I am the proud mom of Ray, Lo, Erin, Daniel, Tyler, Nicholas, and Devin. I started sewing as a young child only because my mother said I had to learn. So thankful she made me stick with it. During my young adult days I was known for my vast and original wardrobe (thanks to the fabric store and sewing machine). Once I had children they  frequently sported matching outfits, (I thought they were cute, but my boys often laugh about their identical shorts and tee-shirts). Now that they are all grown and raising their own families I LOVE to sew for the grand kids and find joy in exploring new techniques and designs. I am a school teacher by day and an everything else by night. It is my hope to inspire others to create, or if not interested in creating, perhaps I can entice you to purchase a 'one-of-kind' creation. I too, love the ocean, but also wandering through the mountains, gardening and playing with my adorable grandchildren.Family is EVERYTHING, so visit, hold, squeeze, cuddle, kiss, play, and tell them you love them often!