Coral Baby Quilt

This has been some week for me! I took my machine in to have it cleaned and checked.... I thought I'd be back in business after a couple days... 

The days kept going by, while I was machine-less! I tried waiting patiently, I tried reading books by the beach (finally read Divergent). I tried just ironing and cutting fabric (didn't sooth my need to sew), I even thought about borrowing a machine from a friend. FINALLY after 5 days my machine was ready! I was finally able to finish this baby quilt that I started in Utah with my mom. I stole all this fabric from her, and I love the coral, turquoise, and gray combination. 

I noticed (from quilt stalking others) that there seems to be a trend towards quilts that don't have that scrunchy, quilty look. One thing that I love about quilts is the quilted look! Don't get me wrong, some of the quilts that I've seen that don't have that look are beautiful. It just feels more like a blanket to me than a quilt with out the scrunchiness (yes I know that's not a word, but how else can I describe it?).

Which look do you prefer? 
The quilty, scrunchy look, or the sleek and modern look? 

 That's a scrunchy quilty quilt! 
It was a beautiful day at the beach! If only I had my sewing machine by my side! 

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