An upholstery re-redo

 I recently painted and re-upholstered my dining room chairs. See this post here (DINING ROOM TABLE). I decided that I wanted to re-upholster my kitchen chairs too, so I headed to Joann's to check out the fabric. While there I saw this beautiful fabric from Waverly, and I fell in love. I vacillated for quite some time on whether or not I should purchase MORE upholstery fabric. I had, after all, just bought and started my green chairs. In the end I went with the Waverly. 
Here I am holding up the original cushion (not my green upholstery) with all my fun tools (staple gun air compressor!). 
Before & After 

 This fabric was not as easy to manipulate because it is heavier and doesn't pull as easily. I figured out that the best way to cover the cushion was to first staple in the center on each side of the cushion (four staples to hold the fabric down where you need it to be) and then to work on the edges. When I did the edge I would pull the fabric as tight as I could and then staple once the edge was flat. 
 Don't worry if the fabric bunches up underneath as long as the edges are straight. 

The finished chair! 

I wanted to bring out more of the coral color so while at Joann's, I bought a yard of this adorable coral upholstery fabric, my mom sewed all the edges under, and we had a quick and easy table cloth.

I still loved the green fabric, so I decided to reupholster my kitchen chairs with the green I took off, that post is coming soon. 
Which do you prefer? The green or the blue??? 

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