Cupcake Valentine Box

The perfect Valentine mailbox for your sweet tooth!
My 8 year old picked this design for her class Valentine mailbox, it was super quick to make & turned out scrumptiously cute!
We started off with a planter pot, & painted it gold only because we plan on reusing it after.

I also found a half styrofoam ball at Michaels & used a coupon for it, I thought about doing paper mache for the dome, but we didn't have enough time. Otherwise it would have been a fine alternative 
I used an exacto knife and cut a hole big enough for Valentines & treats
The hole is in the back, I thought about keeping the piece I cut out & attaching a ribbon to open & close. Then I figured it would just be easier to not have an extra piece to deal with
We covered the top in pieces of tissue paper & used scrapbook paper for the bottom

Sprinkled with some cute glitter heart toppers from Michaels, 

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