Strip Quilt (Quick and Easy)

I love how strip quilts look, they're clean, simple, and best of all EASY! (I like easy). I decided to make a baby quilt using this color palate. I didn't want any prints or anything too crazy. I bought 1/4 yard of 9 different fabrics. Then I cut the strips into random different sizes (I was making this up as I went along). I laid everything out and realized this was a BIG quilt!! I have a hard time gauging how much fabric is needed for my projects (which is one advantage to buying a pattern!). So this baby quilt started turning into an almost twin size quilt! I hate having left over fabric.... My sister came into town and said "Oh my heck those are the exact colors I am making Ezrah's (her 1 yr old) room". This then became Ez's quilt! YEAH! I put all the pieces together, decided to add one of the fabrics as a border (to make it wider), got my orange minky for the back, and then I did something really dumb, I decided to machine quilt this myself!
When I first started machine quilting, I thought I would be really clever and change out the thread so I could use my thread up (I get anxiety when I have too many threads or fabrics lying around, yes it's weird), and it would make the quilt super cute! That proved to be a pain the rear!! After a while of that I went back to just using orange thread. Also, I was using my walking foot to do zig zag lines, but also my free motion foot to make swirls. Another pain in the rear. I didn't anticipate the amount of time, and how annoying it would be since this quilt was a pretty large size! Don't look too closely at my stitches. They are NOT perfect. I keep telling myself it just adds to the charm of the quilt. The good news is, Lo loves the quilt, oh and so does Ezrah. In fact, we've all fought over who gets to use it when visiting her.
Will I machine quilt a large quilt again? I want to say no, but I probably will. I LOVE having my quilts done professionally, but it can really get expensive. I am all for machine quilting as long as it's not too complicated.

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