One-Of-A-Kind Creations

When one has a myriad of children who are very close in ages, they tend to grow up, move out, get married and have children at the same time. Also, I've kind of gone on lawn-care strike, which fortunately has given me more time to persue one of my passions.....sewing baby clothes! I went to one of the many quilting stores with my friend and I told her what I wanted to sew but I didn't trust my taste in fabric so she picked out this pink and black. It wasn't my favorite until the dress was complete. Now I absolutely love it, especially the embellishments. I really wanted a big fancy black flower but couldn't find one, so I went to Google and typed in fabric flowers and found a tutorial for the one on the sash. It was extremely easy and I think it's adorable! Here is the site that I used. After I finished the flower I bought a button and covered it with black fabric. These are from JoAnn's and are very easy to do (no special tools needed). Fabric Flower Tutorial

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