Christmas/Winter Table Runner

 Another reversible table runner! I had so much fun making my last one that I decided to give it another go.

For a more detailed tutorial please see this post
 I started out with Christmas fabric, I have loads of Christmas fabric! So I didn't want to buy anymore. I ended up sewing a couple pieces together to make them longer so that I could use them. 
 This is all scraps! I laid it out in the order I wanted it. 
 Then I cut out my winter fabrics. These are not scraps. This is beautiful new fabric I recently bought. I am in LOVE with it! The colors, the snowflakes, the piano music, cherry blossom trees, poinsettia, I'm tempted to just make "winter" the design scheme of my house because I love this so much! I will be making a cute wall hanging with all my leftovers and I can't wait to see how it turns out. 
 Laid out my winter next to my ALREADY SEWN TOGETHER Christmas (the Christmas was the back of my runner). I put some batting in between and then sewed it all together. Quilted, and bound. 
 Let's just admire these fabrics for a moment.. I makes me wish I were living in a winter wonderland. Which is odd since I hate snow... 
YEAH! We have reversible! No wasting fabric on the back that we will never see.
This time around I used a nicer batting and I did some trickier free motion quilting. I really like the 100% cotton batting. It's so much nicer than anything else I've used. But if you want to save money there is nothing wrong with using a less expensive batting since this is just a seasonal decoration. 
Questions? Comments? Let me know! 

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