Reversible Fall Table Runner

Reversible Table Runner

After I made my cute pumpkin wall hanging (PUMPKIN) I realized something... I HATED wasting the fabric for the back of something that was only going to be used during Halloween. I decided that for my next Holiday project, I would make something that was reversible.That way I'm not buying extra fabric just to put on the back, the back that will never be seen! I had fabric that I wanted to use for a matching Halloween table runner, I just needed Thanksgiving prints to make the back. I had no problem going to the fabric store and finding! Here's what I did.

 Decide how long and how wide you want your runner. I cut out all different widths for my strips. varying between 4 1/2 inches wide and the smallest was 2 inches wide.

 After you cut out your strips, sew them together in the order you like. This will be the "back" of the quilt (which I will refer to as the Halloween side). You can also do this with a solid piece of fabric if you want a solid back.
Next, cut out your front fabric (Thanksgiving side) in strips. They can be the same width as the ones you used for the back or you can change it up. Just make sure it's going to be the same length and width as the back you just sewed together. For example, with my Halloween fabric I had 2 strips that were 2 1/2 inches, but for my Thanksgiving fabric I decided to cut one strip that was 4 inches (taking into account seam allowance) instead of two 2 1/2 inch strips.

After you have all your strips cut out, cut a piece of batting to fit your runner. Pin it to the back side of the Halloween fabric.

  IMPORTANT- Cut the batting off EXACT with the top piece of your first strip, you will line this up with your next strip and you want it to be as exact as you can get it. Don't leave any overhang (overhang is fine everywhere else)
You're ready to start sewing (again). Take your first strip of Thanksgiving and lay it right side up, on top of the batting, matching it up to the edge we just cut, and sew 1/4 inch seam.  Remember, your Halloween fabric will be right side up on the bottom, you are sewing this strip to the batting and to your bottom fabric.
Once you finish that, add another strip wrong side down on the orange and sew 1/4 inch seam

 OK now this gets tedious, but it is important. You MUST iron after every strip. Press the seam, then open the fabric and press again. You want the strips to be flat and straight before you continue adding to them. Don't skip this, even though it means you have to sew, get up, sew, get up, etc.. It's good exercise.

Woo-Hoo look at it coming together!
This is what we will have once it's complete. Trim the edges, and add the binding. 
 Now go put it on your table and show it off! 
I fell even more in love with the tree fabric after making this. It's SO adorable! 

 I'm so happy that I can flip this over for Thanksgiving! It's two projects in one sewing session! 


  1. I think your reversible table runner is smart and adorable. I think I'll do that for my Christmas / winter one.
    ;;Thanks for the tute.

    1. Hi Joel, you read my mind! I just finished my reversible Christmas/Winter table


      Post a picture if you end up making one, I'd love to see it!