Ovenly Easy Mitt

Cheap! Quick! Fun! Easy!
1st: You need pattern, I copied one of my oven mitts by tracing around sides making it about 3/4" bigger.
2nd: Cut out four patterns of fabric, two pieces of the Insul-Bright and to make it extra thick, but you certainly don't need to, two of cotton batting.
3rd: Attach batting to the wrong side of lining pieces and attach Insul-Bright to outside gloves. I quilted through fabric and batting/Insul-Bright so they wouldn't move around.
4th: With right sides together sew lining pieces together using a 3/8" seam, do the same with the outside pieces.
5th: Trim off excess batting/Insul-Bright. I actually sewed around seams twice for extra holding spower.
6th: Clip seams around corners being careful not to trim through seem.
7th: Leave inside lining (do not turn it), but turn outside mitt so that it is right sides out.
8th: Slide lining into outside glove.
9th: Cut a 2" wide and about 2" longer than top width of glove out of fabric. (My glove measures 12" around top so my piece was 14"). Turn one side under 1/4" and press.
10th: Sew facing through all layers of top of mitt with a 3/8" seam. Turn facing down and sew around edge so that there are no raw edges.
11th: Bake something fabulous whilst wearing your super attractive apron and oven mitt.

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  1. Turned out so cute! Love the fabric and the super sessy model!