Ahoy Ahoy It's a Boy! Easy Baby Quilt

I am so totally in LOVE with this quilt for so many reasons;
1. It's BLUE, my favorite color
2. It's nautical themed/inspired 
3. It's the first quilt I've completed since having twins
4. It's for a childhood friend's new baby
5. It is SO simple, classy, & timeless

Ready to make your own? 
First, I collected all my blues. The ocean, seashells, sea glass, ropes, & stripes is seascapes by Moda. Anchors, whales, and waves are Nautical Treasures by Clothworks Fabric. Then a Bunch of Riley Blake polka dots & some other left over blues I had laying around.

Everything was cut into 5 inch squares

 I laid out my pattern & started sewing rows together
It's a sea of fabric (ocean humor)

I did 10 rows by 10. Which was 100 squares & made my quilt about 45 x 45 inches total. The nice thing about this pattern is, you can make it as big or small as you want. It's so EASY to modify.

Sew all rows together & you've got an easy baby quilt!
 Straight lines are simple, clean, & easy to DIY
 I am digging the white binding, it frames the whole quilt nicely
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