Easy Applique Using Webbing

This is for our friend, Lynda!
Using webbing keeps shape from moving or puckering!

I bought this fusible webbing from JoAnn's. It says it can be used for hemming or fusing any fabrics together. I've never actually done applique this way, so I thought I'd give it a try.
First: Cut out shape/letter and webbing at the same time so they are exactly the same size. Cut them out backwards if you are using a pen that doesn't erase from your fabric.

This is what it looks like after cut.

Iron it down following webbing directions given. I use an old, old, old pillow case
that  I dampen in between my iron and applique.
 I set my machine to a blanket stitch and a zig-zag stitch and tested on a scrap before actually sewing on my letter.

I've decided to use the blanket stitch for this particular piece. Notice where my needle is positioned. It needs to always return to the edge of my object after finishing its stitch.

Almost done!

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