EASY Pillow Piping Tutorial

I finished my bedspread a few months ago after working and worrying about how to make it for a couple of years. Is it me, or do others fuss and ponder what design will be best with fabric choices?

So, all that was left were the decorative pillows (great use of scraps!)
This tutorial will explain how to make piping. This was my first time and I put off doing it for a long time because I was afraid. Well, it's not bad at all, actually fairly easy. Here are the directions!
One: Cut strips perimeter of
pillow, plus about 6 extra
 inches. Make sure to cut them
on the diagonal. These are 1 3/4
 inches in width, but you can
 adjust width to your liking.

Two: Sew strips of fabric together and
 press in half. The piping is cotton rope
 that I bought from Joann's. I found it
back by their curtain items. It is 1/4 inch wide.

Three: Place rope in center of opened fabric strip.
Four:  Use zipper foot, move needle all the way to the left and slowly stitch next to rope.

This is what the piping looks like when complete.

Five: Pin piping so it gradually turns off the edge.
 Six: Sew piping on the edge of pillow, next to your original piping seam. I used a longer stitch in case I had to unpick.

Seven: Once you've stitched the piping to the right-side of pillow attach your back with right sides together. I pinned on the side with piping so that I could see and feel where to stitch.
Eight: Again, I used a longer stitch in case of mistakes. I made an enevlope back for ease of taking pillow form out, so I sewed the first half down, checked my stitches. Then sewed the other piece down, checked stiches and then sewed around again using a smaller length stitch.

Well, there you have it....hope you find piping as fun and easy as I did.

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