Have Scraps?

Quilt of many colors made with scraps! 

This is my quilt of many colors....Joseph would have loved it! I tried to copy a few squares that I'd seen on other quilts and made up a few of my own. Mostly so I could practice for when I make another real quilt. Of course, because so many quilters spend extreme amounts of money to make matchy matchy quilts I felt inadequate. But, I think this is actually pretty cute.

OK let's see all the scrappy quilts out there! This is a great way to show off all the fabric you've been using! Post your own pictures and let's see all the fabulous quilts!

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  1. Proud to see you "almost" give yourself a compliment!! ya gotta start somewhere!! you are very talented so GET OVER IT!!

  2. It was red, and yellow, and green, and orange, and scarlet, and black, and ocher, and peach, and ruby, and olive, and violet, and fawn, and lilac, and gold, and chocolate, and mauve... etc. How she loved her quilt of many colors!

  3. So many colors but the blue addition is the "key".......its intensity makes all else "pop"!!! LUV.............

  4. Oh thanks, Doreen....this was one of my earlier quilts and I had fun trying out different squares.