Sushi Fabric!

I experienced love at first sight with this fabric. I love all things Japanese. The culture, the cherry blossoms, the calligraphy, the architecture, the use of  negative space, I love it all. But the thing I love most about Japan, is their food! Not only because it's delicious, because it is, but it's also art. Every piece of food is placed in the most appealing and most artistic way. OK obviously you won't find this 100% of the time. But food that looks beautiful is an amazing thing. Whenever I am served a sushi roll that has been carefully placed, it makes me that much happier (and maybe tastes a little more yummy). Naturally I had to have this fabric. The noodles (I'm going to pretend they're ramen, and I'm not talking about top ramen here!), wasabi peas, tempura, the blue and white tea pot! I almost died. If I could wear a shirt made from this and not feel like a complete weirdo... I would totally do it. Instead I will settle for an apron. An apron that my mommy made me, and I love it. I love, love, love, love it!!!!! Did I mention that I love it?
Find the fabric here SUSHI FABRIC

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