Ezrah's 2nd Birthday

End Construction Zone

I'm excited that my very first post to the blog will focus on my energetic, handsome, sometimes terrible toddler Ezrah!

His birthday was at the end of September and I have to admit I was hard at work crafting this construction themed bash for my babe, but I think the outcome was worth it! 

We knew pretty early on that we were going to go with a construction theme, because Ez is so obsessed with backhoes, bulldozer and dump trucks  I spent a lot of time looking for invitations but I either didn't like the wording or I felt like they were too busy. I ended up typing the information and printing it on heavier card-stock.  With the help of my hubby we cut out some scrapbook paper  to make them a little more colorful. I really wanted "tire tracks" going across the top and bottom but after numerous failed attempts I opted for some smeared brown paint to look like mud.  

Once we had a set time and date I tried really hard to keep up with all the projects I was planning. One of the bigger tasks I embarked  on was making bunting. With the help of my mom we drew up a template and cut out approximately 100 triangles (from fabric and batting). After I had them all sewn together I was done! I decided to cut out 100 more! I know that sounds crazy but I needed enough so I could write "HAPPY BIRTHDAY EZRAH" and still have some to hang.

      (This was actually really easy and it turned out better than expected!)

Now I want to take a minute and talk about the AWESOME cake that Rachel made! Since my sister decided to drive 800 miles last minute to be at this momentous event she spent the whole morning before the party constructing this bad boy. She whipped up her Best Chocolate Cake and Ganache and created this work site inspired masterpiece!

As for the rest of us the morning of the party we were scrambling to decorate, finishing all the food and digging up the "construction site". I was one stressed out mommy, but my boy had the time of his life!



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