Twisted Tree

 I bought a quilt template called the twister to make a table runner (TWISTED TABLE RUNNER). The nice thing about buying a template is, it gives you instructions for how to use it! I ended up making my table runner with out having to buy a pattern. I hadn't use my twister since until I decided to make this Christmas tree! Dang fabric stores, putting their Christmas fabric out in August! This looks really complicated and it is... Well it's a lot of pieces! Other than all the pieces you will have to put together, it's not hard. I made this in 2 days since I suffer from QCD. I started with 8 different Christmas green fabric cut into 36-5 inches by 5 inch squares. I used 5 fabrics for the ornaments also cut into 5x5 inch. One yellow 5x5 inch star and three brown 5x5 inch pieces for the trunk. 48 white 5x5 inch to outline the tree and 3x3 inch boarder all the way around.
 I laid it out in the design I wanted my tree to be, then I sewed it all together. This part took a lot of time because I wanted all my corners to match up. It already looked SO cute that I didn't want to cut it! How can you cut into such a beautiful quilt??? I felt like I was destroying all my work.

Here is my twister template. It's simple to use, just place it on the lines with your seams, and cut around. YES this was A LOT of cutting!!!! Cutting, cutting, and more cutting (after all that sewing!). 

 The quilt looks ruined! 

 Once you have your pieces, turn them to start making the twists, sew them together (again, this takes a long time!) and you've got your tree!!!
Obviously this quilt isn't complete, it needs a border, to be quilted, and bound. It's just too cute to not show off! 

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  1. This is so cute, I can't stand it....I have to do grades, and prepare lesson plans. I just wanna sew!!!!!