Quilting Compulsive Disorder

I began quilting in the Summer of 2012, I remember it like it was yesterday (it hasn't been that long!). I always thought that I could in NO WAY sew. When I was younger my mom asked me to sew some curtains or a sheet or something. I struggled through it, not understanding anything I was doing, and not being able to sew a straight line! Last summer my favorite Auntie Brenna (or Bunna as she is known) was visiting from Price. We decided to hit up some quilt shops because she is an avid quilter and my mom had recently started quilting too. I have always loved going to fabric shops, dreaming about all the beautiful things I could make if only I knew how. It was about a week after the 4th of July and I saw a super cute (little) holiday table quilt kit for 40% off. Oh how I wanted to make my own! Brenna encouraged me to get it "Your mom and I will help you!", "It's easy" she said. So I bought the kit, and thus began an addiction, a passion, a hatred, and a love of quilting. 
I'm not sure how it happened, but everything just clicked for me. I understood quilting more than I ever understood sewing (when I say sewing, I mean making anything that isn't a quilt!). I was soon addicted. I next made a simple fourth of July table runner 
 My first 2 projects had patterns, but after only 2 small quilts I became even more ambitious and decided that I would attempt to copy a table runner that I saw!!! I don't know why I thought this was a good idea, I guess I am just cheap, but it turned out pretty well. I did buy the kit, I just didn't buy the pattern so fortunately for me I had all the fabric in the correct size. 
It continued downhill from there. I was buying up fabric when I didn't even have a sewing machine! I spent my whole summer indoors making quilts. When I had to return home to CA I was devastated that I would no longer be able to sew! I borrowed an old machine and was able to get a couple more projects in (One of them here). Then my machine gave up and I went 4 dark and dreary months with out sewing anything. I barely made it. Then I went to UT for Christmas and bought more fabric! I started sewing like a maniac on my mom's machine. Soon I had to leave again! With a half finished Christmas quilt! Well that was it, I bought myself a machine for Christmas and everything was right in the world. Since I began sewing I have made 13 quilts (that includes 4 table runners), 6 little girl skirts (those are easy), 3 bags for church, and numerous pillows. I also have 2 finished quilts waiting to be quilted. I have a problem. I have since diagnosed myself with QCD or Quilting Compulsive Disorder. You may also suffer from this disease if you've experienced the following

1. An oddly compelling desire to purchase more and more fabric when you have 3 or more projects in the works already
2. You have stayed up until midnight pinning quilts, and stealing quilt ideas from people.
3. You start a project and realize "oh my heck this is SO much work" you then you start another project before completing the first one and think "This is EVEN more work!".
4. If you have turned down invitations from friends to go out because you'd rather stay home and quilt
5. You have completed a quilt in less than 48 hrs (I have done this too many times to count).
6. You forget to eat because you're too busy measuring, cutting, and sewing. (Great diet plan)
7. You tell yourself "OK, you can eat once you sew these 100 pieces together".
8. You fall asleep dreaming about how to put your quilt together, new quilts you want to make, colors you want to use, fabric you want to buy, etc.
9. You have promised a quilt to every person you've ever met "Sure I can make you a quilt!" "Why not? I never stop sewing anyway".
10. You leave the house and there are pieces of thread all over your clothes, and in your hair.
11. Walking feet, basting spray, white thread, and gift certificates to fabric stores are on your birthday/Christmas/Valentines day/Mother's day/St. Patricks day/Labor day/Everyday wish list.
12. If you like to see EVERY quilt fellow quilters have made and it doesn't bore you at all.
13. You love when people have babies because it means you get to make more quilts! 
14. You think you need a quilt for every Holiday, every season, and every special occasion. Oh and everyone in your family needs one too.

I've decided to form a club, quilters anonymous, everyone is more than welcome to join. We're going to meet a fabric store every week and discuss our disease. 
Hi, my name is Rachel, and I'm a quilt-addict. 


  1. Ha, ha! Sew funny, but sew true. People should never 'needle' us for how we 'pin' away wanting to touch and buy fabric. Don't they know it keeps us in stitches????

  2. Mom, you're SEW funny.. Let's go to the fabric store!