Walking Foot Quilting

This table runner was made a couple of months ago but I never finished it because I was waiting around to feel like I could spend money to have my friend professionally quilt it. However, I decided to save the quilting money and do it myself so perhaps the money I saved could go towards.....what else? Fabric! First, I cut the batting and back about 3" bigger all the way around then the top. Second I safety pinned the heck out of my project (make sure it is all laying flat and doesn't slip, on one side I left about 1" overhang and the other 2". I planned on sewing from the 2" side toward the 1" side in case there was any slipping. Third, using the chalk marking pencil I drew where I wanted my lines (I didn't draw lines where I was planning on following the lines of the fabric). Fourth, beginning in the middle I began sewing my lines (I changed the stitch length to 2.6 instead of the normal 2.2, working my way out to the edges. This was actually easier then I thought.

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