Birthday Table Runner

I am a sucker for all things celebratory. I love holiday quilts, I am usually drawn to holiday items when I visit my fabric stores. When I saw this birthday cake, ice cream cone table runner, it was love at first sight! I have a special affection for cakes, since I am to cake making aficionado. This was going to be my 3rd quilt, but I didn't want to have to buy a lot of fabric. As you can see, there are a lot of different pieces and a lot of different colors. I wanted everything to look well together, I just didn't want to spend the money. I was pretty apprehensive about using mostly scraps and how it would turn out and look together. I did buy the cake fabric (look it's sprinkles!), and the ice cream cone/scoop fabric. Everything else, I hit up my mom's stash! 

I finished this quilt in September 2012. I didn't have a back for it until April 2013! Again, I didn't want to spend more money. My mom said that I should sew strips of fabric together to make a back. Sounded easy enough! This is what I ended up with, a back that is almost as cute as the front of the quilt!!! I really like the scrappy, colorful, happy back! Check out the quilt job. This is someone I used for the first time (my mom's friend). We dropped the quilt off around May and just got it at the end of August! Ha ha luckily I was in no hurry and she really took her time to quilt this beautifully. I love all the details, including the variegated thread on the back! I can not wait to use this for my next birthday celebration! 
Find the pattern here CELEBRATION TABLE RUNNER

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