30 Minute Gift

Found this piece of fabric that was perfect for my grandson that loves trucks. I wasn't sure what to do with it...until I thought about his upcoming birthday and decided I would turn it into a pillowcase. It was a breeze. The finished pillowcase measurements are 34" long and 22" wide. I cut enough fabric for the back since there wasn't enough for a front and back out of the truck fabric, then sewed both together. The band at the top is 45" wide and 6" tall. I ironed it in half with wrong sides together then after sewing up one side of the front and back of pillowcase I sewed band to top. Next, I sewed up the other side. I simply zigzagged all seams so there wouldn't be any fraying. (Oh yes, all seams are 1/2")
This is the band after I ironed it in half.
Finished product, I think it is cute and I think Ezrah will be more willing to take naps if he knows he can sleep with all his machinery.

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