Decorating for Fall

I'm pretty, basically, completely obsessed with Fall. 
The colors.
The clothes.
The warm soups and hot cocoas.
The sound of crunchy leaves.
The fall food! Brussels sprouts, squash, pomegranates, apples, and let's not forget PUMPKIN!

Obviously, I was more than ecstatic to decorate my newly built shelf with all my Fall decor.


Is it just me, or do navy and orange look AMAZING together! I seriously need to make a quilt with these colors, because I love how they look. I also love how you can see my phone in the photo below. See it there? It really adds to this cute decor.
Most of these decorations are from Target, Michaels, and ikea. 
I did make the wood pumpkins, painted the pictures, and made the little quilt you can sort of see sitting on top of the bookshelf from ikea,
When I decorate, I like to grab things I have from all over the house, Pillows from the family room. Shoes, sweaters from my closet. Pictures from all over the home! If you look at anything else I've decorated you will see the same items popping up over and over! 

I can't wait to decorate this shelf for Christmas! 

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