Quick Valentine T-shirt

15 minute Valentine shirt! 

1- Grab a plain (pre-washed) t-shirt, and iron 

 2- Cut out (or use left over) fabric hearts and place them to your liking on the shirt
 3-Admit you're lazy and cut out blocks of fusible interfacing (or you can cut out the entire heart, if you're not lazy) 
 4-Wedge, and stick the interfacing between the hearts and the t-shirt. (make sure you follow the directions for the interfacing, and don't let the interfacing touch your iron! Or it will stick onto the iron and make a mess)
 5- Do a quick zig zag stitch all the way around the hearts
 6- Iron again, and throw it on a child who will think you're pretty amazing for whipping up a Valentine T so quickly 

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