I took my inspiration for this cute little family from the owl fabric. This is my second attempt at hand appliqueing and it was easier than the first and even enjoyable. First, I drew my pictures on paper. Second traced them onto cardboard (used an empty cereal box). Third, placed cardboard cut-out on wrong side of fabric and traced around about 1/4 to 3/8 inch bigger than picture. Fourth, cut out fabric and sprayed it generously with fabric starch. Fifth, placed cardboard cut-out back on wrong side of fabric and ironed around around all edges to turn them down. (This took a while and more fabric starch to really press them and make them lay flat). Sixth, placed them on fabric and pinned down carefully with small straight pins. Seventh, cut out a couple of double sided interfacing and ironed finished shapes down (this was just to hold them in place, you don't want to use a piece the size of your picture as it makes it very stiff and difficult to hand stitch through). Eighth, hand stitched around each owl with same colored thread. Ninth, used 3 strands of embroidery thread to sew eyes and beaks.
Here is a link to a tutorial I viewed to perfect my hand stitching.

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