Christmas Bag

Finished Christmas Bag instead of Wrapping, I'm sew Green!
It measures 12" wide by 18" high.
I cut out fabric pictures and also cut out the
no-sew fabric adhesive the same size as the
pictures and ironed it on following adhesive
Then I peeled off the back paper,
placed them where I wanted on
fabric and ironed them down.
Top is folded down 1/8" and
then another 1/8', pressed and
sewed. Next, I sewed down bias tape
about 1 1/2" from top of bag and
threaded 1/4" wide elastic through.

This is what it looked like
after I ironed them down.
Lastly, I turned sewed the side and bottom together with 1/4" inch seam and it was done. It took about 15 minutes to complete. And, all your friends, neighbors, relatives and environmentalists will think you are clever and a lover of the Earth.

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