15 Minute Table Runner

Need a quick Christmas gift?? I've got just the thing for you! A table runner, that is a snap to throw together when you're in a last minute gift giving bind! No machine quilting required, no batting, & it's easy to modify to suit your needs! Let's get started. 

You will need:

1 piece of fabric for your top that is 5/6 of a yard
1 piece of fabric for the bottom that is 2/3 of a yard

*Remember, you can make this ANY size! If you want it wider, or more narrow, you can do it! Just make sure your top fabric is 6 inches bigger (width) than your bottom fabric. 

1 piece of fusible interfacing, 5/6 of a yard

Step 1- Press (with starch, not water!) and iron your fabric
Step 2- Iron your interfacing onto the WRONG side of your top fabric (5/6 of a yard). Follow the instructions that come with the interfacing 

 Step 3- Place fabric right sides together, and sew along the edge LENGTH wise, 1/2 inch seam. 
Step 4- Now sew along the other edge LENGTH wise, your bottom piece will not line up exactly because it is SMALLER. That's how it is suppose to be. YOU WILL NOW HAVE A TUBE OF FABRIC WITH THE ENDS OPEN. 

Step 5- Press open seams
 Step 6- Turn tube right side out
Step 7- Iron your runner with the top fabric making a border on the bottom side. Mine ended up being 1 1/2 inches on each side. Make sure you measure. NOW YOU SHOULD HAVE A FLAT, IRONED, TABLE RUNNER WITH RAW ENDS
 Step 8- Trim ends so that they are equal (I had to cut the selvage off my ends)
 Step 9- Fold your runner in on itself, top sides together, and pin together lining up evenly, do this on both ends. Sew together using 1/2 inch seams 
 Step 10- Now open your runner flat, and press the seam open (looks like a hood!)

 Step 11- Flip ends right side out. Your runner should look like this (this is with the bottom facing up). You can add buttons onto the end, or any other embellishments. 
Step 12- Wrap it up to give away, or use it on your own table! ENJOY! 

Bonus Step, Lucky number 13! 
Use a non-washable fabric marker and write a Christmas message on the backside of your runner. I am going to trace the hand prints of grand-kids onto mine and give it away to Grandma! 

Quick, easy, & made with love! The perfect gift for the Holiday! 


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