DIY Halloween Onesies

I stumbled upon a youtube video of how to make your own prints on t-shirts. It looked like lots of fun, so I decided to give it a go. My last few creative ideas have been causing me grief, so I expected the same from this, but this was one of the EASIEST projects I've ever done! So much fun & the possibilities are endless!

What you will need:

-T-shirt/onesies/tote/pants/sweatshirt/etc.. anything you want to personalize. Prewashed & dried
-Fabric paint, DO NOT get the DIMENSIONAL or 3D ones!! I made this mistake & luckily caught it before I started. Michaels has fabric paint, so I'm assuming Joanns & Walmart would as well.
-Freezer paper, yes it costs $8 bucks.. but you get a lot & you can use it for other crafts
-Sponge brushes, which are not really brushes, you don't want to brush when you paint your onesies anyway
-Cardboard, I just cut up an old cookie box & used it
-Exacto knife, don't try to use scissors unless you are cutting something that isn't very detailed 

OK first things first, what are you gonna put on your shirt?!?! Since it's the beginning of September, I knew that I was going for the Halloween fun onesies. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween, & all things fall. My first design was a onesies that said "Mommy's little" & then had a picture of a pumpkin. So cute right?!? I went onto WORD, chose a font, and wrote "Mommy's little", making sure it was small enough for a onesie since I was going to trace the letters onto freezer paper. Then I printed it out & drew my pumpkin. I taped the freezer paper on top of my finished drawing (shiny side down since that's the side you will iron onto the fabric), & cut the design out with my exacto knife. You need to be careful not to make unnecessary cuts, otherwise you will have paint where you don't want it. When cutting out the letters I used the exacto knife, & then the scissors to cut out the middle of the "o" & "e" (it was much easier than trying to exacto it out!). I used scissors to finish the pumpkin too since it was so big. I also wanted my pumpkin to have some white in it so it wasn't solid orange, so I cut out some white strips once the pumpkin was cut out. After you're done cutting (which takes the longest!) iron your design onto your fabric, don't forget to add the little "o" & "e", they're small, but once you have them ironed on they don't move.

Now for the fun part!!! Get your sponge brushes & paint cuz it's time to sponge! Put a piece of cardboard under your fabric so the paint doesn't bleed through. Do not forget this step!

I just put some paint on left over cookie box cardboard & sponged it onto the onesie. DO NOT BRUSH THE PAINT! Just dab it on, even though the paper is ironed down it could leak through. Once it's on, rinse your brushes out, put your onesie in a safe place & walk away. You need to let it dry for at least 4 hrs. I've read that you can blow dry it, but I didn't try. I just started making another onesie while I waited. After 4 hrs (OK I didn't wait that long either!! But I tried! I just had to see if it worked, I made it about 3 1/2 hrs), peel the freezer paper off, making sure you get the little pieces you've added & voila! Handmade stinking cute onesie! Grab some cotton fabric to put on top of your painted design & set your design with the iron (DO NOT IRON DIRECTLY ON THE FABRIC PAINT) & you are good to go!


I used some Halloween scrap booking paper for inspiration, I just drew the spider & monster the size I wanted & cut them out.

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