Cheese Plate (for beginners)

I love cheese. I may not be a super cheese snob, but I do aspire to it. If you're scared to try new cheese, but you want to impress people (because let's face it, you don't win friends with salad) with your knowledge of fine foods. This guide is for you. These three cheeses are distinct in flavor, but mild enough to win over any cheese weary person.
- First and foremost, sample your cheeses before purchasing! Do not go buy a cheese with out trying it first! I purchased my cheese from Whole Foods, and I sampled all of them first, I also asked how long the soft cheese would last in the refrigerator (since I wasn't using them for a couple days).
-Store your cheese PROPERLY! Some cheese has a very strong aroma (not necessarily a strong flavor) that can impart itself into other foods in your refrigerator. You can also contaminate your cheese with other items in the fridge. If you're unsure about how to store cheese, ask the cheese expert at your local store.

OK now you're ready to get started! I have paired cheese with numerous fruits and I have found that my three favorites are; pears, apples, and grapes. You can also try out strawberries, pineapples, cantaloupe, or nectarines. I stick with my top three because I know they pair well with most cheeses.

For this platter I used-

-Smoked Gouda. This is a hard cheese, butterscotch in color, not flavor. Its goes exceptionally well with apples. I have been known to buy a brick and eat it with an apple everyday.
-Brie. Brie is a soft and creamy cheese that, when ripe, almost looks to be melting. If you get a good brie you can eat the entire piece, including the rind. Since it's so soft I made homemade baguettes to spread the delicious gooey brie on, and topped it with all my fruit. I like to eat it with a thin slice of apple, pear, and a grape.
-Havarti. Another soft cheese, but not as soft as brie. It's mild and buttery in flavor. Havarti is my favorite sandwich cheese. Try it with the grapes, you won't be sorry!

  Alright I've got my baguette, I've sliced my apples and pears thinly, laid it all out on a pretty platter, and I'm ready to impress (mostly myself) with my cheese! 

 I've just gotta show off my baguette. Sometimes I think I should have been born a french baker. Every time I make baguettes, they taste better, and better. Someone needs to invent a candle with "fresh baked bread" smell. That's what I want my house to always smell like!

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