Modern Quilt

This quilt is a special quilt for a special friend. 

I needed it to be manly. modern, and artistic. 

I chose fabrics that had a lot of texture and design on them because my friend is in the design business and he has superb taste in everything  
But, since this is a wedding gift, I needed it to not be too too manly, and still appeal to the bride! 
That's why I added the bright pops of yellow and blues
I knew that I wanted lots and lots of white on the quilt to create negative space and really frame the fabrics. The first thing I did was iron, and cut my fabrics into 2 1/2 inch stripes. 
Then I sewed those together and cut out 9 1/2 inch blocks

I moved some stripes around and sewed different sequences together so the stripes weren't exactly the same or in the exact order
After I had it as long as I wanted (I wasn't really measuring here! But I think I did 45.. I kept laying by the stripes until I thought they were a good size for a nice blanket to cuddle up in, ya that's how I'm measuring these days!). I added 2 1/2 inch wide stripes between the columns and a good size block of solid white the right (again, not really measuring here, that's how art is created, with a distracted mind!)
After I was finished I had some modern quilting done, and I did the binding with white. 
The back of this quilt needs a little shout out too. I had stripes left over, so I made a row for the back. It actually looks like a reversible quilt now! 
I like how quilts look all rolled up and on green grass
Cheers to quilting! 

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