Garden Stars Tutorial

This star is a little bit tricky at first, so plan on having a seam ripper handy. However, after making a couple the task will become simple, fun and they are beautiful!

1st: Cut out 12 white diamonds. As you can see the template allows for several sizes. Mine are 2 1/2"
2nd: Cut out six colored diamonds and lay them out as shown in picture.
3rd: Using a ruler and a fabric pen, mark an x wherever the white and colored fabric butt up against each other. *Once you've made a few of these you won't need to mark any more because you will be able to eye where your seams will be sewn.
4th: Sew the bottom whites and top whites together. (Do not sew the middle whites together)
5th: Sew the bottom diamond to the white stopping at your x points. Do this for both bottom whites and top whites.

6th: Sew Middle whites to their corresponding colored fabric. (You do not need x marks on these pieces)
7th: Sew each middle section to bottom section stopping at x mark. (The colored edges are not yet sewn together)


8th: Line-up colored sides and then sew together stopping at x. (After sewing open up to right sides to make sure all fabric was caught in stitches, you may have to do a little adjusting)

Press, and this is what is will look like.

Complete the rest until you get to this point.
9th: Line both sides up and sew together.
Press, of course.
Trim sides up.

And now you have a bunch of lovely stars and are well on your way to a beautiful quilt!!!! I hope these directions were clear. Please let me know.
Finished product....this will fit a twin-size bed.

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