Rainy Day Baby Quilt

I haven't posted for a long, LONG time! I've been super busy trying to set up an etsy page and creating piles of baby quilts (see above pile). 

I'm super excited to show off a few new creations. 

First I've got my rainy day baby quilt, I love these colors! They are so soothing. When I saw the raindrop print, I just had to have it. I made this as a baby boy quilt, but I think it could work as a girl quilt too. This will be the first item in my shop. 

I love prints with words. This one says "let the sun shine into your heart",  it's just too adorable!
My mom and I also attempted to have a quilt photo shoot on the beach, it didn't work out as planned but it was an amazingly beautiful day!

 More cute quilts to come!
This quilt is available in my Etsy shop
 photo etsy_zps31ccd80f.png

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