Homemade Music Ornaments

I really wanted to incorporate music notes into my tree. I looked for ornaments with a music theme, but didn't find any that I liked. I'm kind of picky once I get something in my mind. I wanted them to look a certain way and match the other ornaments I had. Obviously the only solution was to make my own! 

Step 1 : I went to Michaels and bought big glass ornaments. I think they were normally $5, but 50% which means I got 4 for $2.50, and 8 for $5 bucks! Not too bad. 

Step 2: Remove top, I then used white acrylic paint to make a flower design around the top.
 Step 3: While your paint is still wet, sprinkle with your glitter color of choice. I did 4 gold and 4 silver
Step 4: Allow paint to dry (this will take some time since you painted on glass, I waited overnight)

 Step 5: Find some music that you're not using and cut it into strips. Roll the strips like a scroll and (gently) stuff your scrolls into the ornaments
Step 6: Add a feather because you have some lying around, place top back on, hang ornament. 

 Step 7: Smile because these ornaments were only $5!! (I had all the other supplies already!)

Caution: Since these are made of glass you need to be careful, I was sticking in some music and a piece of glass caught my finger (cheap michaels...). Then the entire top of one ornament came off! I was still able use it luckily. Just make sure you don't cut yourself with these! 

I'd love to see any homemade ornaments you've made, this was my first experience and I love seeing new ideas! 


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